Musical Journey


I started playing guitar with a friend who played the accordion in a working man’s club in Ealing on the outskirts of London when I was fifteen. My Dad used to join us sometimes, on the drums. Great memories.  One of my first bands was called “The Dominators” which included Richie Blackmore who went to school with me. He went on to play with Deep Purple. Richie and I were also in a band called “The Cruisers Combo” which was short lived. I can’t remember what happen to it… I then got hooked up with Antion Vikram Singh (Vic Briggs) and we formed a band called “Mick Allen and the Side Kicks”… This was a great little band and we did very well back then… Vic went on to play with The Animals and other famous artists.  The drummer Mick Underwood went on to pay with Richie Blackmore in a band called “The Outlaws”… He is now playing in his own group called “Mick Underwood’s Glory Road”.

    I was asked by Micki Waller (a drummer) to join in a newly formed band called “The Nite Sounds Combo”… This was a really fun band that played in the hottest night clubs in London’s Soho district. The tenor and alto sax player for the Nite Sounds Combo was Terry Marshall the son of Jim Marshall (Marshall Amps). Back then Jim Marshall’s music store in Hanwell was a real lively hangout for a lot of upcoming musicians. It was at the time that Jet Harris had broken away from Cliff Richards and the Shadows and was in the process of forming his own band which became “The Jet Blacks”… I was lucky enough to be asked to play in that band but it was short of a good drummer so I called Mick Underwood and asked if he was interested which he was thus completing “The Jet Blacks”…

    It was great fun playing in the Jet Blacks touring around in shows with famous artists from the United States like Little Richard, Sam Cooke, Dell Shannon, Freddy Cannon and so on. There was a gig that we played at the Empire Theater in Liverpool when touring with Little Richard that he was unable to play so they topped the bill that evening with us Jet Harris and the Jet Blacks and brought in a local band to close out the first half called “The Beatles” The rest is history…  

I’m still playing the guitar locally where I even doing a bit of singing and song writing.

You Send Me - Sam Cooke
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